Corlia & Marita

I am a Dreamer and a Romantic with a passion for people. Being creative in any kind of way is in my veins. I admire the beauty of Love. Each Wedding for me is like reading a Romantic Novel...

Not only do I live myself into that Novel but I am also part of it, creating the beauty you can see, trough my camera lense.

The knowledge of photography didn’t come with formal training. It started as a hobby. I worked 14 years as part time Photographer with dedicated hard work and learning and keeping up with everything and hands-on experience while being part of many Fairytales.

I stepped into the Corporate World when I Finished High School in 1995 and for 12 years I served people while working in the Bank and developed a sincere compassion and love for people.

I treat people the way I want to be treated, with love and respect.

I am blessed with three beautiful, talented daughters. My firstborn only 11 and my youngest 5.They keep me busy all the time. I enjoy the way each one differs from the other. They are my inspiration each day to live my life to the fullest and use my God given talents.

I just love house decorating, painting, baking cakes, making fabric dolls and clothes and my favourite, eating chocolates.

I believe that anything is possible if you put your heart in it.


Working as a photographer has given me the opportunity to capture images of not only milestones in human life but also the everyday joys that can so easily be lost by memory...

I started at amateur level in 2008 taking photographs of anything that moved, children especially draw my attention, maybe with the patience I have this was the perfect zone I felt comfortable with.

Progressing to more sophisticated equipment as the years went on, always learning better ways to capture those special photographic memories. My passion for photography and combination to work with people started creating an income for me. I then started to “sell” myself as photographer to family and friends doing anything from weddings to kiddie’s parties for a small fee.The equipment now started getting very expensive, and the choice to become a full time Professional Photographer was inevitable.

From doing studio shoots of newborns, pre-schools and capturing the celebrations of love at weddings. I find there’s nothing more rewarding than a moment or memory perfectly captured.

With every wedding or photo shoot I strive to become a better photographer – I attempt to learn as much as possible – to stay on top of the game. I prefer to work with natural light wherever possible, but not restricted to natural light as I also make use of my portable studio where necessary.

I just love my job!

We are located in Gauteng but travel
all over South Africa for your special occasion.

084 603 1340

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